Jena Frick, Dana Rampolla, and Charles Schelle record the podcast, sitting at a table.

Produced by the Office of Communications and Public Affairs, “The UMB Pulse” will help listeners stay up to date on changes and guidelines as we navigate our return to campus.

“The UMB Pulse” is a new podcast produced by the University of Maryland, Baltimore’s (UMB) Office of Communications and Public Affairs.

Co-hosted by Charles Schelle, senior media relations specialist; Dana Rampolla, director of integrated marketing; and Jena Frick, senior media relations specialist, “The UMB Pulse” will help listeners stay up to date on changes and guidelines as we navigate our return to campus — a way to get back in touch with the heartbeat of UMB after more than a year of disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each early episode will feature special guests who will talk about how they navigated working and learning through the quarantine, as well as enlighten us on what to expect as we start to come back to campus in a large capacity after Labor Day.

Our guests will be able to give us words of wisdom that will help inspire and excite everyone as we return, and the biweekly podcast also will feature “The Pulse Check,” a quick summary of guidelines and UMB “things to know.”

The topic of returning to campus will initially be a big part of the podcast, but the show also will serve as a way to learn more about our institution — from interesting stories about campus buildings and University history to compelling stories about the programs, projects, and professionals that make up UMB. Guests will include employees, faculty, staff, students, alumni, neighbors, and others who have unique connections to UMB.

So keep your finger on the pulse of UMB! Be sure to tune in every other Thursday, beginning this week.

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