Four steps to subscribe to Mobile UMB push notifications

Notifications provide added option to keep tabs on COVID-19 and Recovery updates.

Soon, the Mobile UMB App will activate opt-in push notifications to share topic-specific updates.

These upgraded push notifications are a great way to keep the UMB campus and community advised of COVID-19 response and recovery information, while transitioning to broader updates.

Push notifications are messages from the app that are sent to the user’s smartphone, keeping the community at UMB up to date on news, announcements, and events. The update to this feature includes delivering timely and relevant information based on the user’s persona and topic. Based on whether the user opts in to one of these three personas  student, faculty/staff, or community member notifications are tailored to those individual groups, making it a personable experience. 

In the interim, the app will send limited yet key updates to all app users concerning important changes at UMB. The Office of Communications and Public Affairs will be judicious in sending these notifications.

App users will also see a “silent” notification called a red-dot notification with more detailed information than a typical push notification. This is called a red-dot notification because a red dot with a number will display on the app’s icon on your phone — and on the persona icon within the app — to tell you that a message is waiting for you.

Allowing Push Notifications

There are a few important steps to ensure you will receive UMB Mobile App push notifications.

Make sure you have the latest app version installed. It is available as a free download in the App Store for iOS users and Google Play for Android users.

If installing the app for the first time, make sure you choose “Allow” when the app displays a message saying “Mobile UMB Would Like to Send You Notifications.” 

If it has been a while since you used the app, it is recommended to delete and reinstall the app to ensure you have the latest version. Advanced users can navigate to the app’s settings on their phone to verify the app allows notifications.

That step will enable you to receive, at the minimum, emergency notifications and public notifications sent to all users.


The UMB app is configured to deliver the most relevant information to audiences through the use of personas and opt-in push notification channels. Personas provide a customized experience of the app based on the audience it serves.

Mobile UMB’s Personas are:

  • Student
  • Faculty/Staff
  • Community Member

Click on the person icon in the top right-hand corner of the mobile app screen and click "My Persona" to select your persona experience.

Your persona will dictate which notifications you will be able to subscribe to. 

Opt-in Push Notifications

Follow these steps to Opt-in to Push Notifications:


1.     Click the person icon in the top right-hand corner of the mobile app screen.

2.     Select “Messages” and tap the tab labeled “Opt-in.”

3.     Select “Explore all opt-in channels” to read about the featured channels.

4.     Subscribe to the topics that interest you!


More information about opt-in push notifications will be forthcoming.

Visit the Mobile UMB app web page for more information about the app.

For the latest updates, please visit the UMB Recovery website, which also includes links to school-based Recovery information.

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