Do you have a full functionality version of MS Office on your home PC? If not, this might be the solution for you.

All UMB faculty, staff, and students have the ability to access and use Office Pro Plus. Office Pro Plus is a part of the Office 365 portal package and gives users the ability to download and use a full functionality version of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint if the computer or device they are using doesn’t already have the full functionality version. This is at no cost to the user.

To clarify what “full functionality” means — all faculty and staff have the full, client version of the Microsoft Office suite of products — Word, Excel, and PowerPoint — on their work PCs. This is often referred to as “Office 2010/2013/2016.” Students have the ability to purchase the full functionality version through the Software Licensing Office.

One of the features the Office 365 portal offers is “lite” versions of these products — Word Online, Excel Online, and PowerPoint Online. Functionality, though, is limited. For example, a Table of Contents can’t be created using Word Online. In many cases, the online version may be all that is needed to conduct the necessary work on a file. However, if it isn’t, what are your options?

This is where Office Pro Plus comes in. Through the Office 365 portal, you can download a full functionality version of MS Office at no cost. As long as you are an employee or student of UMB, you will be able to access and use this version on the device(s) that you downloaded it to. You are able to download Office Pro Plus on up to five devices/computers.

How do you do this? Once you sign into

·        Click on the Install Office icon in the upper right-hand corner of the home page

·        Select Office 365 Apps

The download process will begin. Once downloaded, you will occasionally be prompted to enter your UMB credentials to continue using the tool. You only have access to Office Pro Plus while an employee or student of UMB.

This should only be done on computers or devices that do not already have MS Office on them.

If you have questions about this feature of Office 365, please email the ETG Training Team at

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