Signs from local kids, delivered to our hospital

RN-to-BSN student and ICU nurse finds support in unexpected ways during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 crisis has created many challenges, but it also has inspired acts of amazing kindness among members of our UMB community. We want to hear your inspiring stories for our On the Bright Side series. Submit your story here.

February: New graduate nurse, from Anne Arundel Community College, rolls into the ICU, bright-eyed and ready to put my studies into practice.  

Beginning of March: This COVID-19 stuff may end up being something well have to deal with, but were just not seeing it here yet.

Mid-March: Uh-oh.

April: Oh, its going down! Orientation on steroids!

All jokes aside, this transition into practice has been amazing, even with the COVID-19 crisis. My unit, which is an ICU unit on the front lines of the pandemic, has been incredibly supportive, caring, and helpful with one another.

Being a new grad and an RN-to-BSN student, who matriculated through from UMSON's dual-admission program, there is a lot to learn and a lot of uncertainty, but this pandemic made that even more intense. Thank goodness we have one another’s backs, which constantly impresses me within the nursing field.

Bright sides have come from the community donating food, goodie bags, “thank you” and “hero” signs as we drive in, and sirens to honor those on the front lines.  

Bright sides have come from my family wishing and praying for strength in these times of change and growth.

Bright sides have come from friends and acquaintances pulling out N95 masks and dropping them at my doorstep, knowing we do not have enough at the hospitals.

Bright sides have come from every direction, and I am incredibly grateful.

This pandemic isn’t about me or you, it’s about how we can all come together and overcome, one pizza, N95, 10-foot distance high-five, or encouragement sign at a time.

(In photo, signs from local children delivered to our hospital.)  

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