Brian Sturdivant

Brian C. Sturdivant, who received his initial vaccine in January 2021, got the booster because he was concerned about variants and waning vaccine efficacy as time passes.

Many individuals at the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) were able to be vaccinated early in 2021. Now as COVID-19 cases are on the rise and new variants such as Omicron are quickly spreading across the state, getting a vaccine booster is the best form of protection, said Brian C. Sturdivant, MSW, director, strategic initiatives and community partnerships, Office of Community Engagement.

“I got boosted because I was among the first to be vaccinated in January 2021 and have been concerned about current and future variants and waning vaccine efficacy as the time passes,” said Sturdivant, who builds bridges between UMB and West Baltimore neighborhoods.  

Across the state, cases are on the rise and hospitals are reaching capacity. Vaccine and infectious disease experts say that getting a booster shot is the best way to prevent spread and serious illness.

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