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I am a member of the UMB community, and I would like to share my thoughts, ideas, or personal opinions. I understand that my article must adhere to standards of respect and decency.

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I would like to submit a typical full-length story or article. My content does not overlap with announcements, Voices & Opinions, calendar events, or any other content categories on the Elm.

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I would like to add an event such as an activity, workshop, or seminar to The Elm Calendar. This event has a defined date, location, start time, and end time.

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Submitting to ELM Weekly

The Elm Weekly is a user-submitted weekly newsletter sent via email that is packed with items of interest to the University of Maryland, Baltimore community. For your item to be eligible for The Elm Weekly, it must have a publication date on The Elm website of no later than the current Wednesday. All of the content submissions (except for Accolades and Calendar Events) are eligible for The Elm Weekly

If you submit after the Wednesday of that week, it will be included in the next edition of The Elm Weekly. To include your item in The Elm Weekly, click on one of the submission links, and it will guide you through the process of submitting for publication on The Elm website with the option to include the item in The Elm Weekly. However, please keep in mind that not all content on The Elm website will be included in The Elm Weekly email.

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