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Calendar events are activities, workshops, or seminars with a specific date, time, and place.

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Images should be approximately 300 pixels in width in JPEG or PNG format. Avoid submitting images that include text, including event flyers or posters, in order to meet ADA web accessibility standards. We reserve the right to edit or reject images that include too much text. We also reserve the right to edit or use alternate images to fit Elm Weekly’s parameters if the submission is earmarked for the weekly email newsletter.

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Image alt text must briefly describe the contents of your image in words, including all significant information that it conveys. Alt text is required for ADA web accessibility compliance.

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Calendar events are not applicable for inclusion in Elm Weekly email newsletters.

Appropriate Content

We do require that all content remain civil and, on behalf of the University, we reserve the right not to publish content that we believe is inappropriate for any reason. Content that may be rejected includes, but is not limited to, material that is defamatory, profane, culturally insensitive, offensive, under copyright, or AI-generated.